Puzzle of thoughts

The world is a puzzle that has missing pieces


I like the streets. I like walking. Not too fast, not too slow, just the average pace of  someone who wants to get to one place but she’s not  in a hurry. I enjoy a crowded street as I do an empty, quiet one. I listen to the pace of others, to the sound of cars, to the noises around me and I can do whatever I want with them in my mind. Yes, I like to distort reality sometimes, to create scenarios and all kinds of stories. I try to imagine what people think, what their problems are, where are they going. It may sound as the mind of a child, but it isn’t. It is only the mind of an adult who sometimes pretends to be a child because the world seems a little better when she does. Reality is always wonderful through the eyes of a child, and that’s why some people try to recreate that type of reality when they are all grown up. It is not proof of  immaturity, but proof of a sane mind. You should try it sometimes. Try to let go of the pure, hard facts and let your mind drift. Create scenes based on reality, but go further. The key to save a bad situation is to look for those small things that make you happy. Try to bring a smile on that lady’s face, or to make that salesman’s day better. Just be careful not to get hit by a car.


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