Puzzle of thoughts

The world is a puzzle that has missing pieces

Are you alive?

There are moments in your life when you stop to analyze your situation, to see where you are, how you stand. The most awful thing you can discover is that you wasted your life big time. You can not recuperate the time you’ve lost. You can not “turn back time” . The song says it, the movies say it, you know it. The first question that should come to your 10% functioning brain is how exactly do you know you’ve wasted your life. Well…there is no good, proper answer to that question. The average man will say that a well spent life is the one that has the basic needs fulfilled. An alright job, a family, picnics with friends once a month, a house with a garden for kids to play in, maybe even a dog. But, that is the average man, the man that has his life planned out since his first kiss. I’m not saying that’s wrong. I have only respect and partial envy for that kind of man. He or she knows what they want and they put the right amount of effort in achieving all those things. You may jump at my throat like a hungry beastie and argue that everyone knows how their life should be, how they want it to turn up and that not everyone succeeds in fulfilling their plans, no matter the amount of effort they put into it. That is also true. But you have not let me finish my introduction.

You know you’ve wasted your life if, when you take the most vivid memory and play it in your head over and over again, it loses it’s meaning and remains just a memory. I think I’ve led you to a confusing pit and now you’re thinking I’m just a person that has a pee for a brain. Let me put it in simpler, shorter sentences.Β  You had a moment in your past which brought you happiness or sorrow. Recall it. Replay it. Try to visualize it with your eyes wide open (the effect is stronger this way). Remember every detail, every thought you had in that scene. How was the weather? What were you wearing? What were the other people around you wearing? Reproduce the conversation if there was one, the gestures, the reactions (yours especially). Done? How’s your state of mind right now? How’s your pulse? How big is the smile on your face? How about tears? Have they reclaimed their freedom of speech? If not, try another memory, and another.Β  Our body is supposed to contain a thing called soul. That’s where they say emotions are stored (we all know it’s all in the brain, but let’s not disappoint all the poetic spirits out there). If a man did not exploit the infinite chart if feelings, he has not lived. If you have not felt the horrifying pain that makes you rip your heart (or brain…) out, if you haven’t loved with every inch of your mind and body, if you never felt your heart beat so fast that almost broke your chest open, then, my dear cyber friend, you have not lived. Of course, if you re not 90 years old and prepared for the final stage of living, then you still have a chance to pump some oil into that heart/brain of yours and start living. And lets throw a tiny clichΓ© at the end of this philosophical life lesson: better late than never.


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