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Do you know who your best friend is? A simple question. But before you decide it’s a silly question and you want to say β€œof course I know who my best friend is!” I want you to define the concept. What is a best friend? Lets pretend for a second that being a best friend was a job and you really needed to hire someone. What would his/her resume look like? Who would be good at this job? What qualities should that person have? Maybe he/she must be a good listener. Or maybe someone who knows how to have fun. What do you do with your best friend? Go shopping? Talk for hours and hours about anything? Watch movies? Why is your best friend your BEST friend? What is the quality that gives him/her that superlative?

A different view of this discussion is the one that includes both individuals in a friendship. You can’t have a best friend unless you are one. Your friend can be a good listener, but do you listen back? He/she comes to your help whenever you need it, but do you do the same? You can call him/her in the middle of the night because you got dumped, but if you’re the one being called, how do you react? Now that you’ve answered all these questions, I believe the first one needs a bit of editing. Do you have a best friend?


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