Puzzle of thoughts

The world is a puzzle that has missing pieces

What do you want to be when you grow up?

That’s the most important question parents should ask their child. Always. I’m sure the answer will be different each time until the kid finally settles on something. But no matter what the answer is, the parent should do whatever he can to help the child achieve that dream. “I want to be a musician”. Buy him a guitar, take him to music lessons. “I want to be a ballerina”. Take her to ballet classes. “I want to be an astronaut”. Take him to NASA. Ok, that may not be possible, but you’ll think of something. Encourage your kid to dream, to form ideas and plans for the future. Tell him stories about the great men and women in history, watch movies, read books together, experience life with your child. He or she will thank you when he or she will grow up and make that dream come true.

Teach your child how to distinguish right from wrong, but not by yelling “NO” when you see him doing something wrong. Explain, calmly, why that is wrong. Tell him in simple words why he/she has to eat the broccoli and why sugar is good in moderate quantities. Show him/her how to play games on the computer, but also play games outside with him/her. Take field trips, even if you camp outside in the backyard, or even if you only go to the market. Life is an adventure. Let him/her taste it. Encourage him to go out and SEE, HEAR and FEEL. And because time has a way of passing unnoticed, you’ll probably see the results of all these things soon enough.


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