Puzzle of thoughts

The world is a puzzle that has missing pieces


A: I’m so glad we finally got together for a coffee! It’s been ages since we spoke. How are you?

B: I’m alright… I’m trying to recover from…

A: Oh, tell me about it! I have the most stressful life ever! You know I work at an Advertising company now and I’ve just been appointed CFO and I’m just trying to get my head around all the responsibilities I have now. Do you still work at that law firm?

B: No, I wasn’t going to…

A: You quit? Good for you!

B: No, I…

A: No need to explain. You look better now. Much better. The last time I saw you, you had some extra pounds on you. You almost look like a model now.

B: It’s because of the…

A: I’ve tried to lose some weight myself. I go to the gym four time a week and I’ve started a treatment at the spa. A bit too expensive, but it does the trick. Anyway… how’s your love life? Do you still go out with that nerd form college? I heard a rumor that you got married. Have you?

B: Yes, but…

A: Well… you should have expected that… the divorce rate is huge these days. If you’re lucky to keep a husband for more than 4 years it’s a record. I don’t want to get married. I was dating this photographer four month ago, but all he wanted is to take pictures of me… I dumped him. Now I’m between boyfriends. Metaphorically speaking. I spend my days with a horrible old guy. He takes me to the best restaurants. He’s loaded! But in bed… I have a cute model waiting to take care of me… if you know what I mean…

B: That’s really…

A: Great! I know! How are your parents?

B: They…

A:Β  Well, I sent my parents to a spa resort in Europe. It’s much better! They kept nagging me, every day! I’m enjoying a some peace and quiet. God! It’s so great talking to you! You’re still the girl I called my best friend! I could tell you everything!

B: Yes. You haven’t changed either. You’re still the self absorbed bitch from college, always talking about yourself, not giving a damn about others!

A: You are being a bitch right now! I invited you to lunch, I’ve asked how you are, about your life… There’s nothing wrong with sharing the same amount of information with you.

B: Really? And what have you learned about me so far? Have I got the chance to tell you that I was fired from that law firm four years ago because I wouldn’t take a case that has favoritism written all over it? Did you know that my husband died last year of cancer? And my parents died in a car accident three years ago. I lost all that weight because of the stress. But it doesn’t matter, to you, or to anyone else. Anyway. I wouldn’t have agreed to meet you today, but I had to. It was not a social lunch. I am the new CEO in “your” big Advertising company, therefore you work under me. I wanted to tell you that due to some irregularities in your financial reports I’ve come to the conclusion that you have been stealing from this company for the last three months. So I’m here to tell you you’re fired. Have a nice day!


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