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Where my heart lies

I just watched the landing of the  space shuttle Discovery. It was amazing. I watched for 20 minutes as it approached the landing strip and after the landing. If anyone had seen me, they would have laughed, as I was starring at the screen of my PC, with a dumb huge smile on my face.

The feeling of being proud of something is one of the best feelings one can have. Yes, I was proud. Proud of the crew of Discovery, proud of americans, which managed to do things, to evolve faster and better (I don’t want to offend other nations, but as the title states, it’s my own opinion, my own feelings and thoughts). I was proud, in that moment, of mankind. And my heart twiched at the thought of not being able to share that pride. My own naive brain thinks that all americans were joined today by that feeling of pride and honest happiness. I wish I could be among them. I wish I was there to share exclamations of joy when Discovery touched down. I can’t go that far as to wish I was apart of the crew, or even the ground crew. That would have been possible only if I was born an american. And I’m sure that if I was an american, I would have been apart of that moment. There is nothing better, in life, than to be able to say you helped  shape the world as we know it. History has recorded this moment. It will be remembered.


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