Puzzle of thoughts

The world is a puzzle that has missing pieces

Reality vs. fiction

Movies are like a heartless man who allures a five year old with chocolate and candies and after that he gives him nothing but an evil smile. Movies are pure fantasies, despite the „warning” that they are based on reality. In other words, movies are bits and pieces gathered from reality and distorted in such manner that every scent of truth fades drastically into the background. A slight increase in those „sad endings” movies is being noticed. However, the happy ending stories stand in front of the croud of genres, and they keep invading the minds of people in every age group. No matter how down-to-earth you are, you can’t help to imagine yourself as part of the story, to identify with the characters and to say „-Ah, maybe that could happen to me too!” . Maybe someday we’ll find our prince. Or maybe we will get the girl in the end. Or perhaps we’ll get noticed by some great talent seeker and we’ll become famous. It all sound wonderful, magical. The world of a movie is a land of perfection. And then reality hits. To some, this isn’t a sudden shift. For others it comes with a shock, the shock of being just human, with an insignificant amount of luck, with an average life and a confused mind. What to do next? Carry on? Keep dreaming? Get angry? Or maybe watch another movie and start over?


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