Puzzle of thoughts

The world is a puzzle that has missing pieces


Parts of our lives are pure illusions. Seconds lost, which seemed unreal, minutes of mind blackout from which we awake confussed but forget they happened. But what about the hours, days or maybe longer periods of time that are too good or too bad to seem real? What are those? Have you ever felt so happy, so fullfilled that you stopped for a moment to think, to make shure it is real? Personally, I don’t know the feeling. But I’ve heard others talking about these moments and in most of the cases they say the same thing: everything was like a illusion. I ask you now about the moments that situate themselves at the opposite pole. The moments when the situation gets so bad and so impossible to resolve that you find yourseves unsure of everything. Maybe a day that started out like every other day, or a routine situation that should have had a routine ending. And at some point something clicked. A wrong move, a poor choice of words, a missinterpretation of a gesture, a small accident. And everything switched to disaster. In these type of moments you can’t even focuse on what happened. Your mind has a hard time trying to adjust to the situation, to explain things that look out of place and out of context.


It’s late and you want to get home because your tired. You increase the speed a little. What harm can it do? Or maybe you get off early from work and buy your whife a big bouquet of white roses and want to surprise her. But what if you forgot to buy something and you walk into the store, andΒ  before you take knowledge of what is around you, a gunshot noise pierces your ears. A guy is standing in front of you, with a 45 pointed at your stomach. What would you call this moment?

To be continued.


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